Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Coffee Tour in Coban

Red and ripe coffee fruit

Coban is a famous cafe region so we have to visit a cafe farm here. We head to “Cafe Chicoj” in the mountains. After asking the locals several times about the street conditions we recognized that their answer is always “yes” but in real the streets are NOT GOOD.



Unfortunately the first plantation we went to, did not offer tours today. But sure sold good coffee.

Si Si. The road is good.

Only roads which do not exist anymore are bad roads 😉

A little puppy welcomes us at the plantation

Cute little thing who only wants to play.

We get to know everything about coffee and its growing process.

A Zip Line adventure is also included….

…first we thought this is weird…

… but it was fun!


Some are still green…

…others are ready to be picked.

Coffee plants everywhere.

There has to be time for a kiss always!

This machine will peel the bean out of the fruit.

Unsorted coffee fruits.

After the peeling process they get washed and sorted.

At the end the beans have to dry and they use this oven to make a good heat.

Really funny coffee tour at finca “Chicoj”


Visiting Tiger & Co!


Bird of Belize. The Tukan

We leave Belize City and drive to the inland. On our way, very close to the city we stop at the Belize Zoo. It keeps only animals which were kept illegal as pets, which were found injured or motherless. The zoo is pretty and has a lot of space, directly in the jungle.

Surprisingly, we spend nearly a full day there. There is a lot to see and the nice paths invite to walk around.

When we came, there were not so many people and we got a private, free of cost tour by one of the keepers.




The spider monkeys swinging from branch to branch.

These guys are funny. The Tapir

Poor Tukan is blind on one eye ;(

Black panther. He was a little bored.

Sure, they have crocodiles. Which we luckily did not see outside the zoo 😉

Whatever… A bird?

The majestic puma

Wild pigs. Same look like in Germany.

Der Tukan ist der Nationalvogel von Belize

Tukan. A beautiful bird. Unfortunately, we never saw one outside the zoo.

Zoo life can be exhausting.

Don’t remember his name. Strange look though.

Green parrot. Who can make an ear-battering sound.

Please keep on smiling!

Like a boa around your neck?

This one was in a good mood, luckily.


110km paddeling – Bowron Lakes

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Spring Opener Festival in Seeley’s Bay

_MG_1052 From Gananoque we went on to a small village called Seeley’s Bay. Jan found this place on the map in his mobile phone and said: “This might be a nice place, it’s close to the water.”
The lady from the visitor center in Gananoque also told us, that there will be a ‘Spring Opener Festival’ tomorrow.

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How to ship a car to Canada


2nd shipping attempt in Hamburg. Until now everything looks good.

That earth is covered with water a lot you might recognize when you want to ship a car to Canada. The car has to sail across the atlantic ocean for a while and cover thousands of Kilometer.
Although we contacted several shipping agencies in advance we had to experience a little drama…

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Planning, Crafting, Screwing

Sticky Notes

Our task board 🙂

It’s already three months ago when I quit my job. Mona quit to the end of may – she’s still working on an important project.
Although I quit and could sleep long in the morning we get up together, enjoy our breakfast and after Mona left the house I sit on my desk trying to plan the trip.

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