Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


On our way to Mexico!


Big Sur !

We say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye to Simon and Rachel. We really enjoyed our time here and we are very, very grateful for the spontaneous hospitality and accommodation! We will now head towards Mexico. We are very excited to see a new country and culture. Our drive along Highway Number 1 is beautiful. I think this is one of the most beautiful views California has to offer.
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San Francisco Part II


Golden Gate

On Thursday we bought tickets for Alcatraz. We sail to the island with the ferry and recognize, that Alcatraz is not as close as it looks. When we arrived, we picked up the audio tour. You get headphones with a very good and authentic story and explanations about Alcatraz. After 2 hours you have walked all around.
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Fun in San Francisco. Part I


We cycled the Golden Gate!

Yosemite NP was our last NP in USA. Our next destination is San Francisco. Thanks to my ex-work colleague we have a contact in Alameda, a suburb of SF and thus a possible place for the night. In addition, a “Childhood neighbor” lives in San Francisco and we can also come and see him and his wife. Without any contacts, it is difficult to find a place for the night in SF.
We make contact with Scott, the colleague of my ex-work colleague and make a date for tonight at his home.
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Yosemite Nationalpark. We increase our sportsmanship.


Yeah! We made it! Now, back down.

We took the Tioga pass with 3.031m to get into Yosemite National Park. We liked to hike here and drove straight to the visitor center to ask about all trails.
Our first idea was climbing the “Half Dome”. A very famous rock here. This is a trail of about 25km and almost 1.500m elevation. This will beat our last elevation of 900m in Grand Canyon 😉
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Viva Las Vegas and Death Valley NP


New York New York Hotel

We reached a suburb of Las Vegas at dusk and we were desperately looking for a place for the night. Walmart was our plan. The goofy part – Camping on Walmart is not allowed here. We headed to the next and next Walmart and Yay! we were allowed to stay finally. Before we went to bed, we watched a DVD and recognized later that we are camping just next to the runway of the airport.
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Grand Canyon. We become sporty.


Let’s go for 16km and 900m elevation.

Yuhu, the Nationalparks reopened. That meant we could see “Grand Canyon”. After so many hours of driving in the car we wanted to hike and walk. In the visitor center we heard that the “Bright Angel” trail is the most popular trail and very nice. This are 16km and 900m elevation. We were not sure if we can make it cause we were not really trained but we would try 🙂

The next morning at 9 AM we left our camp to get back in the light.

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