The police! Again!

IMG_1620We want to drive to Belize City were we will meet Lucia again. That’s the plan…. sure it comes different. As we drive on the main road, in the middle of nowhere, from Corozal to Orange Walk Town, we get stopped by the police. It’s a strange police stop as we can not see a car – only 5 police men with a “Police” T-Shirt. They ask if we have an insurance for the car. Sure! Jan shows the sticker on the windshield. The next question was about the insurance for the trailer. Our answer: Well, äh. No. Or maybe Yes”. We did not really know so Jan had to find the papers which the insurance guy gave us.

I show it to the police man and he explains that the trailer is not covered. We explain that this was not our aim and that we do like to get the insurance. Maybe right now? And here? But the police can’t do it. We promise to get the insurance in Orange Walk Town as soon as we get there. The guy we talked to seems fine with the idea but the other one who seems to be the boss, does not agree. He mumbles something like “You don’t commit the offence man! You go to jail and pay 500 Dollar US.”

He repeated this sentence several times but he never asked for a bribe. Well, sure we know that that is all he wants but we stay stubborn and explain that we are sorry and will get an insurance. We also explain that it’s only our 2nd day in Belize and that we liked it so far. After approx. 20 minutes we were allowed to leave without paying 1 Cent.

Our new goal for today: Orange Walk Town / Insurance Company. This is how plans change…

As the car is insured with “icb insurance” we need to find exactly this office to insure the trailer as no other company will insure only the trailer. Luckily we find the “icb” office fast. The lady is very friendly, we have to pay 46 Belize Dollar get the insurance without any problems. It takes us only 20 minutes and we can leave to Belize City.

Now we are ready for the next police stops! Sure, we did not get stopped again now. We reach our Camp “Old Belize” and find Lucia who is already waiting.

Before it gets dark we want to see the city and hop into a bus…

Waiting for the bus.

Most kids have these braids…

…and sure we were asked to get them too 😉

Loving the “old way” to contact home.

Post Office

Post Office

An initiative agains drugs and crime.

The founder in his element.

Kids get drum lessons and have something to do.


Another church.