Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


20 meter deep

Hey, Hai!

Hey, Hai!

The dive which we like to do with “French Angel” fall though as nobody else wanted to go. We search for to another dive shop “Scuba Sensations” which goes out today. Only 30 minutes later we sit in the boat with our guides Ian and Mike as well as two other divers from France.

I am only a stowaway as I do not have a diving licence and can’t handle the ear clearing.  After the first dive we sail to San Pedro to get new air tanks  – as the waves are too much for by stomach I decide to leave the boat. Lucia and Jan go for their second dive and also snorkel tour while I explore San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. When they came back we had lunch together before we sailed back to “our” island, Caye Caulker.

The two days on the island were really nice, we enjoyed the sunshine and ocean as much as we could as we will head into the inland tomorrow.


Get the equipment ready…

…see u later!

Althoug Jans dive is 5 years ago everything works very well.

Touching these guys can become painful.

Our friend who follows us all the way!


Happy! That was fun!



Ready for the island

DCIM100GOPROWe take the boat from Belize City to Caye Caulker, a small island before Belize. We want to spent one night here to go diving and snorkeling. After 25minutes on the boat we reach the island early in the morning. Well, it seems early as the streets are empty at 8:30 AM. We look for our hotel “Sandy Lane” and find a dive shop on the way. Jan and Lucia want to go diving but this dive shop does not offer a dive for today. Maybe tomorrow if another person will sign on. The dive trip only starts when they have at least three divers. Instead of diving we can go snorkeling today. Four people already signed on, so we will be 7 in total.

Juan, our guide is really good. He is funny and can explain well. Our first stop is the marine reserve “Hol Chan”. We see so many colourful fishes,rays turtles, lots of jellyfishes and a shark, too. “Why should I go diving?”, I asked. “I have seen so much now. It was beautiful! I am done”.  We get sandwiches on the boat and take a little break before we head to the next spot, the “Shark Ray Alley”. The name is not just a name. There are so many sharks. I do not want to get in here…. I let the others go and wait on the boat.

They came back unharmed and we went on to the “Coral Reef”. Unfortunately here is not much to see –  compared the the last two spots. We get fresh fruits and Coconut Rum and Juan heads back to the island. We can totally recommend this trip with Juan!

Before we went to bed exhausted we had a nice dinner at Syd’s Restaurant.

Caye Caulker main street.

Our room at Sandy Lane hotel.

Caye Caulker. Making new friends.

Juan, our snorkeling guide.

See turtle sooo close!


Love these little fishes who always come in groups.


Super cute


All good!


“I am good!”

Sharks. Soo close. Jan also touched one.

It was a super trip!

Yummy Yummy dinner!