Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Back home…

HOME SWEET HOMEWe’re already back since more than two months and we like to let you know how we feel, what we do and how “stressful” our last days in Mexico have been.
The last days in Mexico were about questions and worries: “Do we have everything that we need for Lissy? Will her wound castration wound heal before the flight? Did we pack what we need and what do we need to bring?

We say goodbye to Peka, Pedro and Anna – the new adoptive parents of our squirrel foundling – and drove to Paamul where we will store our car and trailer for several months. On the way we have to do little things here and there and time runs. The 1,5 hours drive flies by and our excitement rises. We hand over our car & trailer, order a taxi and head back to Cancun airport. My excitement rises minute by minute, what Lissy can also feel. She does not even like to sit on the floor in the taxi – she prefers to sit on my lap. “Well Okay, exceptional.”

As soon as we reached the airport Jan went inside to get information about what to do with Lissy. All we knew from the vet is, that we have to be there 3 hours before departure. As we were late (sure) we only had 2 hours left. “Doesn’t matter. Everything will be fine”, I had to tell myself.
“There must be a yellow phone outside the building and thereby we need to call the agriculture department in the airport and somebody will tell us what to do” , explained Jan after he came back from the Info Point.
Allright. I called and 10 minutes later a nice young lady came to pick me up. We walked a long way to the very end (I thought) of the airport and into her office. Half an hour later, after I filled out several papers for Lissy I had to leave her office and walk back all by myself but luckily I found the way.
So far, so good. We only need to check in and administer the “sleepy” medicine to Lissy. It did not take long and she became tired but she tried to stay awake. Somehow she walked like drunk 😉

The flight which takes 11 hours feels like 22 hours. Time does not fly by and I can’t fall asleep. However, after 11 hours we reached Germany and landed safely in Frankfurt.
Our first destination after landing is the bulky baggage band where Lissy is supposed to “arrive”. We see a dog box! – but it’s not Lissy. Another dog – also not Lissy. A baby buggy and a scooter – No Lissy! “She was not in the plane!”, I thought and did not know what to do and think…Only seconds later, her box comes off the band. “Uff”. As soon as she sees us she starts crying and wants to get out. She does not look happy but still okay.

After we also got our backpacks we went to the red exit “to declare”. I have all the documents which we have for Lissy and I am prepared that the process here takes a while. The customs officer came and all he said was “Hello. I know you want to show me all your documents but I do not wanna see it. All I wanna see is her rabies immunization.” That was it?, I wondered. It did not even take 2 minutes. When we left the customs building our families and friends were already waiting to welcome us back home.

I was looking forward to this moment since we booked our flight. When the moment came I could not realize who was there and what they said and how long we’ve been there. I was just overwhelmed and happy. These 10 minutes were just flying by.
We and Jans family drove to my parents where cake was waiting. When I sat down and relaxed I started to realize that we’re back “HOME”.

Our new home for the next months is my parents’ house. We can live in the 2nd floor and thereby we can keep the rental charges low. Also we do not have stress to find a flat – move in for a short period and move out again… that would not have made any sense.
The house is perfect for Lissy, too. As it’s very rural we can go for long walks in the fields where she meets lots of new dog friends. She loves to play and catch mice – it looks too funny because she acts like a kangaroo jumping in the field trying to catch a little mouse. (video might follow soon)
Although she did not really have a socialization time when she was a puppy she is very good with all dogs. She loves everyone if dog or human – that’s our guard dog 😉
Also she is not on her own here. Kira, my parents dog is also here. She is already an old lady -12years old- and does not like to play anymore. Lissy doesn’t really understand it yet but we’re sure they will be fine soon.

Now what about us? The first week was kind of an acclimatization to the German life but not negative. We are happy to be back, having OUR OWN clean bathroom, a real home every night, cool nights and especially to see and meet family and friends.
After our marathon of visits was done we had to think about jobs. It was pretty easy for me cause I wanted to work again and directly started to send applications.

The decision for Jan was not as easy as he still has the idea of going into business himself. Also it’s impossible to find a job as Project Manager which is limited to 3 months. For me as “office clerk” that’s much easier in Germany.
As Jan does not work so, he takes care of the house and dogs.
I was lucky and found a job very quick. I really wanted to work again and sure, earn money. The job is limited to 3 months what is absolutely perfect for me. That means that I work until end of September and that we can start the trip in October again.

Then, we want to fly back to Mexico and drive south to Panama. We will cross Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama … we’ll be busy so 😉

The “well-ordered” life in Germany wasn’t the reason that we started this trip. That’s why enjoy being here now. I am also glad that we do have some rules here. For Example the traffic rules which make driving a little easier (for me). Also, we can drive at night and be safe – something we tried to avoid in Mexico.

The break of our adventure was a good decision but we’re already looking forward to restart the trip. There is only one open question: Do we take Lissy with us? There are pros and cons and we’re not sure yet.

Lissy, Jan & Mona

PS: Unfortunately, our little squirrel Pedro died last week while “fighting” with an iguana 🙁 !RIP!