Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Work in Bacalar and dream beach in Majahual


“Our” beach in Majahual

After a very nice week at “Yax Ha” we headed north. I read about “Active Nature” online which was our next destination. They offer kayak tours on Laguna Azul in Bacalar. The owners are Jaqueline and Gunnar, a german couple, who also drove the “Panamerican” 8 years ago and got “stuck” in Bacalar because their VW bus conked out. Since then they live in Bacalar and own their own kayak business.

We are allowed to stay overnight on their parking lot and to swim in the laguna. We talked very long with Jaqueline. We did not get to know Gunnar as he had to work. He was on a 2day kayak tour on the laguna. Our idea of our own café in Germany or Mexico was back directly when Jaqueline told us her story. Well, we also had the idea to rent out cabanas etc. We talked and talked and got new ideas. Jaqueline gave us contact data of her european friends who also settled down in Mexico with their own business.


While we talked to Jaqueline …


.. Lissy made new friends. Or not 😉

That was how it came that we visited Rainer and Elke who managed a campground with 4 cabanas for a long time. They told us a lot about living in Mexico and about managing a campground or hotel. They know their neighbour Roberto very well. He has a resort next door and is looking for a couple to take over as he likes to go back to Canada. “Well, here we are!” It did only take 5 minutes and Rainer arranged a “meeting” with Roberto. We went to his place and talked about our idea to help him for some months. After an hour we talked about everything and agreed that we come back tomorrow morning to get an induction. “Wow!”, we both thought. We were happy and also sceptical about this quick decision. But why? This is ideal to get experience and we can’t loose anything! The resort is is a little “sterile” and we miss the “liveliness” but well, it’s just for some months and it’s not ours.


Cabana @ Bacalar Lagoon Resort


Cabana @ Bacalar Lagoon Resort


View of Laguna Azul

On the next morning we were at the resort, talking to Roberto again and agreed that we need to learn spanish before we can work here. Hm, it’s all over! But he is right. Without any knowledge of spanish we wouldn’t be happy here. He also said that he mainly has guests from Europe but even one Mexican guest would make us look like fools. Also his staff speaks only spanish. We would’t like having unhappy and dissatisfied guests and understood Roberto’s concerns. We will come back when we speak good spanish!

We drove to Majahual and camped on a very nice beach campground 10 km south of town. We had the beach to ourself! The owner of this place told us that he will not be here for the next two days but that we could still stay. Well, that was a nice offer but I was too concerned about robbery that we left this place after one night – what we totally regretted afterwards!

IMG_0648-2  CameraZOOM-20140426110959998  CameraZOOM-20140426111024324

We went to see Majahual. There are some nice hotels but directly next to it there are old, dirty and abandoned houses. We found it a strange town. Strangely enough, that the huge cruiser ships land here. As soon as the cruiser tourists get on land, hell has broken loose. That’s maybe why the beach promenade looks as it looks. There are just restaurants and souvenir shops next to each other. Not really what we were looking for. We spent our second night on the campground at the entrance of town and met Jana, Adrian with doggie Nora. Nora is also an adopted street dog from South America. They travel from South to North. We talked for a while and went on to Tulum.


Look at their legs. thats sooo cute.