Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


On our way to Mexico!


Big Sur !

We say goodbye with a laughing and a crying eye to Simon and Rachel. We really enjoyed our time here and we are very, very grateful for the spontaneous hospitality and accommodation! We will now head towards Mexico. We are very excited to see a new country and culture. Our drive along Highway Number 1 is beautiful. I think this is one of the most beautiful views California has to offer.

Searching for a campground is very difficult. We are stingy and do not want to pay $ 25 for just one night. That’s why we search and search and stand on the parking lots of Hotels. Sometimes I have to ask 5-10 different hotels until one finally allows us to park there.


Einfach toll anzusehen.


Big Sur!


Die Seelöwen fühlen sich hier wohl.


Wir könnten den Wellen stundenlang zugucken.


Bixby Creek Bridge (1932)



 _MG_6537  IMG_6053


Gute Nacht.


Super Blick am nächsten Morgen.


Niedliches Häuschen am 17 Mile Drive


“Einsame Zypresse” am 17 Mile Drive

IMG_6123  IMG_6167


Faulenzen am Strand!


Du magst mich doch, oder?


Wir gehen Shrimps essen…


…im “Forrest Gump Restaurant” in Monterey. Hmmmmmm Lecker!

After a few km we arrive in LA. Since we do not want to search for a camping possibility in this metropolis – where we do not know where we are safe – we booked a room via “Air BnB”. Lenora, our hostess, has a cute, old house on a hill in LA. We stay two days and “prepare for our entry to Mexico”. Jan takes care about the annoying paperwork from Germany, I write reports, we provide spare parts for the Toyota, washing clothes and sort all our stuff.


Super gemütlich…


…wir fühlen uns wohl bei Lenora!


Noch schnell “Alemania” aufkleben und auf nach Mexiko 😉

Today, on Nov 12th we cross the border to Mexico in Tijuana which is close to San Diego in USA. I thought this will be very difficult, time consuming and that the border itself is just a small and dirty building – instead we drive on a perfectly paved road and reach a brand new, very clean building.


Mexiko wir kommen!

Jan drives to the “to declare / Aduana” line even though we have nothing to declare. I ask him why he does it. ” I don’t know. This was a spontaneous decision.”, he said.
This was intuitively correct because only here in the customs building, we get our tourist visa. There is nothing going on, we are nearly the onliest people. After we pay the equivalent of 34,- EUR for the visa, we’re done. Almost done. We still have to get a “Banjercito”, a temporary car registration. Luckily somebody tells us, that we do not need it for the Baja and can still get it when we cross to the mainland from La Paz. Thus we are ready after about 30 minutes. We get into the car and drive on to the actual border crossing. We only have to open the doors for a minute and can drive on. Nobody wanted to check all our stuff. Although we are done quickly, we still have the American visa paper in your passport. Because we did not see an american border building, we simply keep the piece of paper and hope that we will not get any problems.