Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Baja California Sur. Southern Baja


Finding on the beach.

Our journey continues to Baja California Sur, the southern part of the Baja. The first stop is in San Ignacio, a small palm oasis. I had read from other travelers that there should be a great campground next to a lagoon here. So we had planned to spend a few days there.

Unfortunately, it’s raining. We only look at the church quickly and meet other travelers.


Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán


Misión San Ignacio Kadakaamán

First, we meet a couple from Germany who travel together on one motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina. We have great respect ! Driving on one bike with so little comfort and all weather conditions is insane and very stressful. Jan and I , we both agree that we are “sissies” for a bike trip that long.
We go to the next Taco stand to escape the rain. While we scoff our delicious tacos, a Landcruiser with german license plates parks next to us. Hans , Bente and Konstantin join us . Hans and Bente have been around for 9 years traveling through South and Central America. They take breaks at home in turkey every now and then and after their journey continues . Constantine is actually traveling by bike but currently together with Hans and Bente . They picked him up on the way and offer him one week of luxury in the car.

Because of the rain and the new acquaintance we decide to leave San Ignacio , and travel together as Landcruiser team.


The Landcruiser Team


Be careful where you step to/ on.


Nice Camp on the beach…


…looks pretty but was very windy.


The sun awakes us.


Landcruiser of Hans and Bente.

After a few days, we end up in Mulegé, a small, cute town. The campsite, which we discovered by accident, is a stroke of luck. Very nice on grass and surrounded by fruit trees and palm trees we set up our tent. The bathroom with hot water shower is okay. (It could always be cleaner;))
Apparently I have eaten something wrong and feel sick. So I take some medicaments and go to bed. Unfortunately, the tablets of our first aid kit use nothing but Hans has given me drops and after a few hours I feel better again.
Some Canadians and Americans have build their houses around the campground to settle down here in the winter. Thus we feel in good hands because we can communicate with almost everybody. Now, we enjoy the laziness, the “non-driving”, the contact with people and the good internet connection to update our webpage.


Update our webpage.




Perfect Camp between palm- and fruit trees.

One morning I walk into the bathroom and run into a woman with 4 puppies in her arms. I can not help but ask her if I could cuddle one. And presto, I had a little puppy in my hand. Ellen, a woman from America lives very close by and always picks up street dogs here. She takes care of them very good! She herself has three dogs and must hold back to keep all dogs which she rescues. She is super! We talk a long time with her and get to the crazy idea of taking a small Puppy. Ellen visits her friend Audrey, who lives across the street of our camp, every day with four of six puppies and their mum to run around at Audrey’s place. It turns out, that we are new guests at Audrey’s house everyday to watch the ruffians play.


Somebody is very thirsty.


This is the mum. Ellen gives her a name: It’s Mona


Although Mona is a street dog, she is very, very nice.




…and chewing on everything!


Such a cute little thing.



The idea to get a puppy does not let us go. Everyday we think about back and forth, back and forth. A short ride through the pampa takes our mind off things.


Funnily enough…


…Jan gets the smallest horse.


“Pippi Langstrumpf” in Mexico?