Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego

Which car?

IMG_0623Because of Jan’s first trip in a 35 year old Magirus Deutz he wanted more driving comfort this time. In addition, we want to share driving and I wouldn’t have liked to drive the big truck. We like to get a “small” car. It should be reliable, robust but comfortable. Our choice is a Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s not the “real bush taxi” on of the 70 and 80 series, but this:

Toyota HDJ100, Year 10/2004, 5 -speed automatic, 4.2l

Our additions / changes to the car which we bought and got installed by Taubenreuther, an off-road specialists. We were very happy with the service and we can recommend the team to everybody who wants to go on a road trip or who loves off-roading.

– OME Sport Shock front and rear
– OME springs
– OME torsion bars
– Differential lock front and rear axle
– Underrun protection
– ARB compressor 12V
– Rhino Rack Aluminum Roof Rack
– Safari Snorkel
– – – not done by Taubenreuther – – –
– 5 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac 265/75 R16 112/109Q 6PR OWL tires
– 2 Optima Yellow starter batteries
– one each. Eberspächer heater system air and water

_MG_2618So far (after 10 months ), we are still happy with the choice of vehicle and fortunately had no major problems. Unfortunately, we miss a “living room” and we decided to change this spontaneously. To read what we changed we have a separate report.

What we had to do

Jan’s self-built drawer system keeps things in place and help keeping order. Many thanks to Patrick and Mo. Without your help we wouldn’t have made ​​it in time !
If necessary, we can sleep in the car on the drawer system but our actual bedroom is on the roof in our cozy Howling Moon roof tent.

Here are some pictures (not in the correct order )


The first plans.


The important base plate.


Just need to saw it quickly…


…and round the edges.


The new battery trio.


And our fridge. Not too small so!


One of the two heating systems…


Our new tires.


We’ve got our hands full.


Heating system number two.


Luckily Monas’ parents have a pit where we can work.


Tata. Our roof rack.


Some holes are needed…


…and then it can go on the roof.


The winter test…




Chaos @ home…


Yeah! Our tires and snorkel. Cool 😉


Got a window film and some stickers…


Without tent we can make it into the garage of Monas’ parents to work in the pit.


Mo has so much fun!!! 😉


Does the frame fit in the car?


This will be the drawers…


A hole for the fridge…




1m drawer slide! Perfect.


Our stove is build in…


…the hose is underneath the drawer…


…and directly mounted to the bottles.


Voila. We love it.


Dream-Team 🙂 THANKS Mo!


On the road!


On the road!


Our cozy bedroom upstairs.


We do not have any space problems here.


Howling Moon Stargazer…


…with windows in the roof!

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