Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Cancun and looking forward to be home


Oops. We missed our “1 year on the road” anniversary

We spend one week close to Playa del Carmen because Lissy got neutered in a clinic which we already visited once. We both had a really good feeling about leaving Lissy here for the surgery. (It’s not easy to find a good vet in Mexico. I’ve seen bad stuff)
The day of the surgery, we brought Lissy to the vet and decided to spend our “dog-free” day at “Laguna Yal Ku” in Akumal, where dogs are prohibited.

The Lagoon is turquoise blue and supposed to be “the” snorkeling paradise. They say that you can see sea turtle here but we only saw some yellow and blue fishes. Well – it still was fun to swim and snorkel in the clear water.


We’ve seen a lot of these.


Nothing special down here.


Lagoon “Yal-Ku” in Akumal


Snorkeling @ Lagune “Yal-Ku”

After our extensive snorkeling adventure we were hungry and went to a cute, colorful café. It looked pretty and there were lots of people – that always makes us think “it has to be good”. This time, it wasn’t. The Fruit cake which we ordered was not fruity at all and the café – I better don’t talk about it. Sure, we again thought “Couldn’t we make it better” but that’s another story.


It looked promising …


…but it wasn’t 🙁

After our “treat” we wanted to go and see a cenote but it actually was too late already and also we were not really “relaxed” because we did not yet hear from the vet. Today in the morning she said, she will call after the surgery – when Lissy is awake. Well, as she did not call until now we were a little nervous. Jan called her and “uff” everything is fine! We can already pick her up if we like. First I thought it might be better to leave her at the vet – if something bad happens at night – but then I recognized that it doesn’t matter because the vet won’t be in the clinic at night anyway.
So we jumped in the car to pick her up. Sure, it was nice to have a “dog free” day but also we missed her 😉
When we reached the clinic Lissy was awake but she was not Lissy. She was very quiet, did not wag her tail and was just standing there. Poor girl!!!
I was kind of shocked to see her like this – if you know Lissy in real life, you know that she always is a nervous wreck.
The docs assistant told me that she is fine and just calm because of the pain reliever. ”Tomorrow she will be back to normal”, she said.

Well, ok – I have to believe it.


Poor Lissy in the car when we picked her up


She is still tired.

Next morning, she is still calm, does not eat and still does not wag her tail. Well, why should she? Yesterday they cut open her belly  I cooked her some potatoes and carrots and luckily she did eat it and got a little more active.


She only eats her medicine with the baby mash that we get for Pedro 😉


She like the potatoes.


Relaxing No 1


Relaxing No 2!


Relaxing No 3 😉


Ooops. We missed our “1 year on the road” anniversary…


…that’s our belated cake for two huge occasions 😉


After we survived the sugar shock we needed something salty.

For the next days, jumping and playing was not allowed. Sure, it makes sense but tell Lissy…
…as soon as she was back to normal she thought she can act like usual.
After three days of resting, we drove to Cancun where we were invited by Martin. He is German and lives in Cancun with his family since several years. He read about our trip online and as he also travels a lot he just invited us to his home.
We camped in the parking lot in front of his house and spend one week at his place. Except the parking, it’s kind of like a 5* all inclusive hotel. We got lovely breakfast, were invited to lunch and dinner – were allowed to use the bathroom and luxury swimming pool !!!
After two days, Christa and Peter, a German couple who we met several times, arrived at Martins house, too. They were offered to park their camper on Martins parking lot while they are in Cuba for 4 weeks.
Martin knows Cancun and Playa del Carmen very well. He can give us a lot of useful tips and also he is a very good craftsman. He made a perfect mosquito net for our back door of the trailer and also he had a spare water pump for us – unfortunately ours did not last long.


Christa & Peter cooked for the whole family and guests.


Yeah! Getting a cooling in the pool.


“Breakfast is ready!”


Luna & Lissy. Luna always seems to be happy when Lissy has to leave 😉


It’s hot hot hot bur Pedro needs to have a “huge” outside cage…


Sweating !

Martin has good ideas and so it came that after we talked to him each evening we also had a “crazy idea”. We could open a B&B in Cancun! We just rent a 4bed /4 bathroom house, live in one room and rent the others. We like the idea so much that we also met an estate agent who tried to find a nice house for us. Well, we did see nice houses which would have just been perfect BUT…
… at the end of the conversation we were told that it’s not allowed to open a B&B in this area as this is only a residential area. We are allowed to invite guests but we are not allowed to charge money. Okay, that does not make sense  It would be possible to open the B&B in the “hotel zone” but that’s not what we wanted. We’re sad and hat to put the idea on ice.
After another week at the campground in Cancun we recognized that we get tired of traveling. We thought about canceling the trip and going back home. After two weeks of intensive considerations, we decided to just take a break. A summer holiday in Germany.
At the moment we just can’t appreciate what we see and do. It’s super hot here – what can you do at 35° Celcius and an immense humidity? Also the rainy season starts… Also I am not really interested in seeing another ruin, another sea, another city or even another beach.
Sure, we could just rest and relax but honestly, I can’t do that anymore. I’ve done that now for 2 weeks. That’s more than enough for me.


Pedro loves his new home and Lissy loves her new cinema 😉


Camping & Cabanas “Mecoloco Inn” in Cancun.


Our place with the brand new “Martin made” mosquito net at the back door. THANKS Martin!!!


Don’t like ! Public toilets are always disgusting.

Be booked our flight and started to organize all paperwork which is needed to bring Lissy home and to find a place to park our car and trailer.
Where do we live when we’re back home? We don’t have a flat anymore? As my mum liked the idea that we come home – she directly offered us to live there. Lissy too, of course.
She will love the place as it’s directly next to fields where we can go for long walks.
Sometimes we thought about traveling with a dog and what Lissy would think about it. Does she like it? As she does not know a life in a house and going for long walks she might be okay but I’m sure that, as soon as she lives in the house of my parents she loves that more than traveling 😉 I mean, sure running at beaches is fun but what about the long drives, the constant place and people changes, the waiting times while we go shopping and the aggressive street dogs? Well… whenever I ask her – she does not tell me.
In winter we will come back to Mexico and continue the trip. For now we need to pack our stuff and tidy up car & trailer to store it save to several months.


Lissy needs a ticket and we need to know her weight. 16kg!


Finding a good place to store car & trailer is not easy


Our last Mexican tacos for now.


As long as we put food in her travel box she is fine.

Bye for now…. We will also write an update from home and also Facebook will keep you up to date.

Oh yes, I forget one important thing: What about our squirrel Pedro? We tried EVERYTHING to bring him home the Germany, too but unfortunately this breed is not allowed in Germany and we can’t take him. Luckily we met Anna and her husband Pedro on the campground in Cancun. Anna fell in love with “little” Pedro (her husband has the same name) and offered to adopt him. He is very happy and we’re sure they will take care of him pretty good! As Annas husband and his son are both named Pedro, she decided to rename the squirrel. His new name is: “Putin” 😉
Here are some last pics of our foundling. I’m sure we’ll miss him!

 aabbcc004-4  aabbcc005-3
 aabbcc003-6 aabbcc002-7

Anna, as she is Cuban, gave us some Spanish lessons. Well, we’ve not been her best students but it was very funny for sure. Thanks Anna!


Spanish lesson with Anna was always fun…


…homework wasn’t.