Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


The first Day

Our Home for the next days

As our car arrives one week later as planned and as we could not change the flight, we need to find an affordable accommodation for the first days.
In Facebook somebody told us about airbnb (
Travelers can live with locals in the same flat. Regarding on the size of the flat and the location this can be very nice and still cheap.

We book with Amy and Nick in Halifax, have a nice private bedroom and share kitchen and bathroom. Also our breakfast is included.
As we arrive at night, they both sleep and we find the keys in the agreed hiding place.
On their kitchen island we find a small letter which tells us to make a nice breakfast. They have everything we might need: Fruits, Eggs, Poridge, Muffins, Bagels, Toast and so on. They also explained where to find our bedroom and the bathroom and mentioned that a grocery store is just around the corner, if needed.


Jan grinds the coffee.

In the morning, we recognize that they do not drink coffee and decided to go to that grocery store. We also recognized, that it’s a very strange feeling to be in somebody’s house, use their fridge and everything without even knowing them.

In the supermarket we note, that the food is more expensive as it is in Germany. You get Yoghurt for 4 CAN Dollar, Cereals and Cornflakes for up to 8 CAN Dollar. You can get the bigger packages cheaper but we might not need 4L of milk, 1 kg of butter or 10 Muffins…

Our Breakfast

Actually we are hungry and like to buy and taste everything. But as our budget is limited, we decide to buy the necessary stuff only and still pay 23 CAN Dollar for nearly “nothing”.
At home, we make a lovely Cappuccino with our brand new Bialetti (Thanks Ina and Tom) and eat typical Bagels.




It’s only a 10 minutes walk into the city and we head off.

Halfiax City Bauarbeiten Halifax City

First thing we forgot at home is the German socket adapter which we now try to find. It’s not easy but finally we get one. Besides we look for a Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Contract with data useage included. The Contracts are totally different as ours. It’s much more expensive and only valid for 30 days. As 43 CAN Dollar for only one months is too much, we decide to use the local WiFi possibilities as much as possible.

Amy and Nick

Amy and Nick

Amy and Nick have to work all day so we meet them in the eventing. They are 23 and 24 years old and very friendly. They give us good information about what to do and see in Halifax and nearby. As Nicks father is also a Paraglider, he can call some nice spots as well.

While we talk to them, I get more and more tired. We have a quick dinner and go to bed.