Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Dora climbs volcano Santa Ana


We made it to the top of Santa Ana

We drive to the “Parque Natural Cerro Verde” on 2.000 meters. There’s a fresh and cool breeze as well as a huge parking space to camp. We enjoy the “cold” temperature.
Together with another travel group of about 9 people, Dora and I climb up to Volcano Santa Ana while Jan stays in bed with a cold. The tour is really save as two police men from the tourist police always join the group. The hike up and down takes 4 hours and is (except for the last part back to the camp which are only stairs) really nice. Dora does very well and manages the whole trail perfectly. After the trip she was dog-tired – in the truest sense of the word 😉
The park does not prohibit dogs at all and Dora was fine without leash all the time.