Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Lonely beach instead of wild parties


Not too bad.

Actually we wanted to go and see Cabo San Lucas, the southern tip of Baja, but we heard of a nice off-road trip on the coast. It’s supposed to be very nice and also camping should be very easy. So, we changed our plan and took the off-road route from San José del Cabo.
On our way we found a Toyota worksop and decided to get a second opinion about our oil pressure gauge.

The Service Teamleader explained that we are too late for service today but we could come back tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock. He said that they have a diagnostic tool which he can run on our car. “Super”, we thought and told him that our Landcruiser is from Europe and if he knows that his tool will work with our car. He asserted that this will work! We just believed him (but still did not have a good feeling) and drove to the campground in San José del Cabo. It’s just a huge parking lot – really, really not nice. Therefor we even have to pay 280 Pesos for just one night. We can’t believe it and think this is a pure rip-off!

The visit at the Toyota garage on the next morning is a total flop. (As we already thought) the diagnostic tool can’t be connected and the mechanics did not find any errors. They also removed the undercoating which they could not re-install without Jans help. Also by lifting the Landcruiser they set one arm wrong and the whole car tilted to the side so that we now have a huge dent in the exhaust.
Fortunately, Jan is always in the workshop – even this is not allowed – to check what is going on. He couldn’t believe that this really happened and is really pissed off! (with good reason). Most incredible is, that the guys did not even apologize for what happened. They just pretended that everything is fine. Overall we spent almost two hours here and at the end nobody was able to tell us what’s wrong.
I asked for the boss because we did not want to pay a penny for this “service”. When I asked the first time I got told that he is not here today. Well… I asked when he will be back or if somebody could call him. Then I got told that I should wait, somebody will call him. I was left alone for 20 minutes and saw that the guy who wanted to call the boss is taking care of new customers instead. I know that he just ignored me and my request. When Jan joined me we made a small revolt in the service room and explained our frustration. After that the Service guy agreed that we did not need to pay anything. What a lovely morning…

Still angry and disappointed we drove away… as we know it doesn’t change anything by being worried we smiled again and heated to the beach.

We reached a beautiful spot in an arroyo which was directly in front of the beach. We stayed for the night and thought about whether we stay here longer or leave tomorrow. I went for a walk with Lissy and met man going for a walk with his god, too.
These were Pierre and dog Jack. We talked briefly and he came with me to inspect our car. At that moment we recognized that we did not buy water and asked him where to buy any. He directly offered us to take water from his house. We should just stop by tomorrow morning, he lives next door.


Lissy got used to all the driving and always sleeps in the car.


Nice evening!


And a nice sunset.

No sooner said than done. We drove to Pierre’s place and were invited into the house.That’s a dream! We were speechless. The living room has huge windows with ocean view. The terrace is equipped with swimming pool and bar and the whole property is just great. We sat together for a while, talked about the trip and were invited to camp next to their house.


Swimmingpool with ocean view.




The villa is perfectly designed.




Norma and Pierre our hosts.


Just awesome!!!


Jack and Lissy. New friends!


Eventually Lissy found a perfect playmate.


“Did somebody call me?”


Playtime can be soo exhausting.


Great, raging waves.