Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


It’s getting hot.


Calm beach flight in the sunset!

One day we needed to say goodbye to Linda cause we can’t spend the rest of our travel time in Antigua. (Information about the visa extension at the bottom)

A little sad to leave this place, we headed towards the ocean. Our destination was Monterrico where we stayed at Johnny’s place Hotel for a week. Usually we do not stay in hotels but this time Jan had a job offer here. He has to film the hotel to make a promotion video for this nice place. Dora and me enjoyed beach life while Jan had to work 😉 What we also enjoyed was the hotel room and restaurant as the accommodation as well as food and drink was our payment.

If somebody will visit Guatemala / Monterrico one day, we can absolutely recommend Johnny’s place. Watch the video and you know why.

Besides filming Jan flew a lot. Sometimes twice a day and had a lot of fun. One flight was amazing as he saw two wales. The pic shows them but very little – it was saver to fly high above the water in case the engine would have had stopped working.

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Dora – who else?

Dora had her first beach experience, we usually walked in the mornings as daytime was much too hot. She liked it and had to learn how to behave when she passed other beach dog areas 😉 She is really good and knows what to do. But, she is not a real beach dog. She hates water. Especially the waves. Well, she is still little and those waves are strong.





P.S: Extension of Visa & Car Import papers of the CA4 countries.

The extension IS possible. As well as for car and yourself.

First you need to extend the tourist visa at Immigration Office Extranjeria in Zone 4. Direccion General de Inmigracion (Extranjeria), Avenida 6, 3-11, Opening hours: monday – friday (not on holidays) 8:30am-4:30pm

In the Office go to the 1. level to window number 1

Tell that you want to extent your tourist visa and you will receive a form which you have to fill out. Also you receive a “number paper” which tells you when it’s your turn.

The actual number is shown on a display in the waiting area. Waiting took us the longest.

As soon as your number is shown on the display, you need the form, your original passport, a passport photo, two copies of your passport (the page with the picture), a copy of cour credit card (front and back side) or a departure airline ticket as well as 115,- Q per person. You pay only when you pick up the documents which is 5 working days later. Then, you can directly go to window number 2.

To extent the import papers for your car you have to show your car to the SAT office at the airport (GPS: N14 35.056 W90 31.829). You need your original import papers, the passport of the vehicle owner and your new tourist visa. The process took us 30minutes and we did not need to pay anything.