Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Questions and Answers

Such a Trip prompts lots of questions. We collected some and will give you a short overview of our endeavour here.

1. How long will your trip last?
1,5 – 2 Years

2. Where do you go?
We will drive the Panamericana from North- to Southamerica and start in Halifax, the eastern part of Canada.

3. Do you rent a car there?
No. We bought a car in Germany.

Toyota Fragen

4. How does the car get to Canada?
It gets shipped (RoRo) from Hamburg. 11 days later, we will follow by plane. You can find our Shipment Story here.

5. Where do you sleep?
Normally we will sleep in our spacious roof tent. When we go trekking we will use our expedition tent. During bad weather conditions and storm or when we spend some days in a city, we can also sleep in our car – on top of the self build drawer system. (even with an additional vehicle heater)


5. How do you cook?
To reduce our travel costs, we will mainly cook with our built-in camping-gas-cooker. If our budget allows, we will certainly also taste the local dishes.

Kochen1 kochen2

6. Do you have a route and timetable?
We want to start towards Alaska and then always south bound to Tierre del Fuego. We do not have a detailed route map and no timetable cause we don’t like to rush. Whenever we like a place we just stay there a bit longer.

7. What about the Visa?
German citizens can stay 3 months in each country (North- & South America) without a Visa. In Canada we can even stay 6 months.

8. When do you start?
01.05. 2013

10. Do you speak spanish?
Un poco! Unfortunately, not yet. We like to learn spanish while we are in Canada and US cause we also want to get in touch with the people in Southamerica.

11. What do you take along?
We have a special luggage category therefor.

12. What do you do with your flat?
We have cancelled our flat.

13. What do you do with your furniture?
Luckily we can store these with Monas Parents & Grandparents and don’t need to pay huge storage costs.

13. What about your Jobs?
We both quit.
Jan already did in November 2012 to have enough time to organize the trip.
Mona has to work till the end. Her last day is 4 days before our take-off. It’s a rough time for both of us so.

14. Do you want to work while traveling?
Yes and No. If there is a reasonable opportunity, sure. Otherwise not.

15. What do you do with all your insurances?
We took out an ‘overseas long term health insurance’ with the General German Automobile Association (ADAC). To get an exemption of the statutory health insurance we needed to have a proof of the ‘overseas long term health insurance’.
Our private pension insurance is paused. Meaningfully, we still pay the own-occupation disability insurance.
As the indemnity insurance is valid globally, we also keep paying therefor.
As we quit the vehicle registration, we also don’t pay the automobile insurance, which will not pay overseas anyway.

16. Did you calculate your budget?
Yes, hopefully we can make it with 1.500,- EUR a month. (Including Fuel, Food, Accomodation -if needed- and everything else)

17. Did you need special vaccinations
Yes of course.A lot:
– Meningoccal
– Rabies
– Hepatitis A/B
– Yellow Fever
– Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis
– Polio
– Typhus
– Cholera

18. Do you have a first aid kit with you?
Yes, we bought many things (and hopefully do not need it ;))
cough syrup, nose drops, aspirins, Anti sickness tablets, Malaria prophylaxis, Fly dope, plaster, gauze bandage, bandaging material etc.
The costs for medicaments and vaccinations shocked us a bit cause we spent more than 1.000 EUR therefor.

17. Where and how do you wash your clothes?
We have to wash it by hand or go to a laundry.

18. Where do you take a shower and do you have a toilet in the car?
If we can’t use a shower on the camp ground, we have to use the well known washcloth.
The toilet is 200m into the woods 😉 – We don’t have a camping toilet in our car.

19. Are you afraid?
No. Not yet.

20. What are your plans after the trip?
We do not have any yet…
… find a job, find a flat etc.