Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


300 dogs – 90 cats. AWARE

Hey! Don’t you wanna give us a new home?

After a week at lake Atitlan we want “to do something good” and help at an animal shelter. Online, I found “AWARE”, a dog shelter with more than 300 dogs and 90 cats where help is always needed. We can’t really put our impressions into words.
The street dogs who were hit by a car, who were put on a short leash their whole life, who were hit with the machete or got abused in another way, find a “home” here but unfortunately the hygienic circumstances do not match our German ideas.

Taking care of 300 dogs – to keep the pens clean, to go for a walk with each dog, to provide medical care safely and to give each dog a little love and attention is not possible with this amount of dogs. There are just too many dogs and looking closely into it, it even brought tears in our eyes.

Many dogs are unhealthy, they have skin problems because there are too many fleas in the ground which unfortunately can not be tarred for reasons of cost and also diseases can be transferred quickly. We help two weeks: cleaning pens, walking dogs and just giving the dogs a little love and attention. We also buy wood at a wood factory and build 15 dog houses. We also tile two rooms of the quarantine station and install sewage pipes. After two weeks we leave with a heavy heart 🙁

Also, we bring a little christmas into the shelter 😉

Mecanico. BEefore he came here, he was used as a bait for fighting dogs 🙁

Tolken. One of the most cuddly dogs i have ever seen

Hey, how do you like this model look?

Polly. My favorite

Snook wants to play

That’s Snook. He is super cute, too

And what’s my name?

Sonia is an amazing worker here.

The clinic which needs an all over restoration.

Puppy without name. One of six puppies without mama

Sonia always has a little love for the animals

Hey . Get me out!

Me too!

Black Beauty. She came in the shelter a day ago

She is not only beauty, she also is very well-behaved…but

…she did not come alone…

…she has four white puppies who still have their eyes closed.

Polly. She got hit by a car and her leg got ruined but she still runs as fast as the others 😉

Finding tiles…

…well, not the nicest pattern but rare 😉

With room number 2 we became more creative.

New sewerage pipes…

…and new dog houses.

Yes, also I drilled and screwed 😉

Our new workplace for 5 days

“Sit” Training. These guys are fine as long as I have treats 😉

Iza who also volunteers here. Taking Black Beauty for a walk

The puppies thrive and prosper

Cooking rice and chicken for sick dogs

Hey! Why do I have to be here?

…we wanna go outside for a walk.

Those eyes tell stories.

Unfortunately not every dog is healthy

This guy has only three legs but he does not care…

A very nice husky mix…

…with a lot of energy.

He is anxious and needs a lot of love.

An old, blind lady 🙁

Cute but cheeky

The puppies open their eyes and start playing

They had four siblings who unfortunately did not make it 🙁

We hope the dogs will like them.

Iza takes care of these two. Without her, these two puppies would have died too 🙁