Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Grand Canyon. We become sporty.


Let’s go for 16km and 900m elevation.

Yuhu, the Nationalparks reopened. That meant we could see “Grand Canyon”. After so many hours of driving in the car we wanted to hike and walk. In the visitor center we heard that the “Bright Angel” trail is the most popular trail and very nice. This are 16km and 900m elevation. We were not sure if we can make it cause we were not really trained but we would try 🙂

The next morning at 9 AM we left our camp to get back in the light.

We had a great breakfast – a veggie egg omelette – and were ready to start. It was very cold in the morning but I decided to get rid of one layer and hoped the get warm very soon while hiking. The climb down was easy but we always had in mind that we have to go back up also. Every 2.5km there are restrooms and water refill stations – that’s perfect so you don’t need to carry so much water. We went until “Indian Garden” campground, hat a little lunch break and went further to the “Plateau Point”. From here we could see the river down below and the canyon above us. This was amazing and I could now feel and see the dimensions of this “GRAND canyon” much better than just from at to.

We sat down and enjoyed the view and prepared mentally for the way up. It’s not that bad as we expected it but the last km was loooong, it got borung and a little cold. Finally we reach the top at 4:40. “Wow! We made it in less than 8 hours!” I told Jan joyfully but exhausted.


We are ready!


This is were we want to go.


One step at a time.


A nice mountain hut for sunny days.


That’s true!


We nearly made it!


Just some more steps.


Plateau Point. Wow, what an amazing view.


I would not sit where he does his meditation!


Now all the way back up!


Meter by meter…


Done! You can see that 😉


We had a really nice time!


Bye, Bye!

Now we just need a hot shower and treat us with a dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately the food is not really nice. It’s just a dull burrito on a plate. Too bad 🙁


One of the many tourist flights.

Jan wanted to get his paraglider and fly over the canyon so he asked for permission at the airport. The pilots did suggest him not to fly here – there would be too many tourist flights – he should better fly over the small canyon on the other side of the park. This one is also amazing they said.

Okay, we drive all the way back and find the place the pilots talked about. Due to the cacti and the ground Jan decided not to fly. Thorns in his paraglider would not be good!

After the long hike we were looking forward to drive again. That’s why we made so many km and reached Las Vegas.