Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Ina is here. For two weeks we travel in a group of four



We picked up Ina on the airport in Cancun and spent two great weeks together. After her holiday I asked her if she likes to write the report about our trip and her answer was:
Better you write it, I am already back in my dull daily routine and I would certainly write far too much. I could not decide what to mention and what to skip as everything was a highlight for me :)!
-to finally see and hear you again
-the crazy traffic. Cars overtake on all sides, red lights but nobody cares about
-the many one way streets where you drive in the wrong direction, just hoping that nobody will come
-out “walki talki” while driving 🙂

-our two by two trip to Merida
-the beautiful beaches
-when I got lost at the ferry terminal
-the life with you, Jan and Lissy
-the tent camping which I really enjoyed
-rain on the first days and nothing but sun on the island

Okay, I need to write the report so. I try to make it short.
First we drove to Paa Mul to camp. As Ina liked it we spent three days here, just relaxed, enjoyed the time together, chatted, walked to the lonely beach and visited Playa del Carmen where we found a super vet for Lissy.


Ina’s little speedster for the next two weeks 😉


One suitcase just for us. It’s filled with stuff for our trailer and presents from home. THANKS!!!


Yes. They like each other.


Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue


We have to get a magnet!


Soo many people and one souvenir shop next to another one.


Beach in Playa del Carmen…


Hm, that’s not really what we like.


Lissy is not allowed on the beach 🙁


Huge cruising boats land here, too.


Okay…woe it does not taste good 😉


Hmmmmm. Fresh fish. Okay it doesn’t look that nice but it was delicious.


Monkeys as tourist attraction.


Mc Donald’s is everywhere.


One of the best vets we visited! Clinica Veterinaria Playa del Carmen. MVZ Claudia Lewy DVM


She does not only take care of dogs…

Our tour continued. We wanted to see a cenote and ended up at “Dos Ojos” (= two eyes). A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. In the Mexican state Quintana Roo you can find 954 cenotes. The average depth is 15 meters but some are more than 100 meters deep. You can dive or snorkel here. Or just watch them – it’s an amazing. We arranged a dive trip for Jan tomorrow. Ina and me will only snorkel and Lissy is allowed to be with us next to the pool. That’s perfect! Accidentally, we saw puppies here and nearly got one 😉 – Also Ina did think about taking one home – but they were still to young.


Lissy doesn’t know what she has to do here.


Ahh, they are so cute!


“Hey. Why do they eat and I don’t get anything?”


Ina loves the small brown one.


“But we have to rescue at least one.”

We stayed overnight at the camp in Tulum which Jan and me already found some days ago. Unfortunately we get a lot of rain but thanks to our huge tarp we were able to make a water proof and cozy camp.


Rain!! 🙁


Cozy camp.






…there are dark clouds in the sky.

Ina and Jan went to see the ruin in Tulum. I waited outside with Lissy because she was not allowed here, too 🙁


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum


Ruine Tulum

Before we left Tulum and the beaches, Jan and me jumped in the waves again. We decided, I think because of the rain, not to go to the “Dos Ojos” cenote and rather see one on our way to Merida.


“Jaaan? Where are you?”




Cooling down at 9 AM