Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Fighting with the roof top tent


“Damn! What a stupid thing this tent is!”, Jan screams. “Instead of a long trip, we will better go for a two week holiday and better organize the shipment back home now!”
Totally unnerved he hits on the bottom of the tent.


Rumpelstiltskin! 😉

Actually we wanted to quickly pack up the tent and have breakfast. Unfortunately “quickly” did not work at all and all these small flies which are flying around our heads are horrible.

I need to explain how we always folded the tent, what was actually no problem on our test trip to Switzerland.
I climbed on our roof rack and while Jan folded one side of the tent, I got all the tent fabric folded tidy inside. At the end we put a cover above. That’s it!


That’s how it worked in Germany

This time, we also have a spare canister and a Paragliding Motor on the roof. With all that stuff on the rack, there is nearly no space for me anymore.
Besides we have a new mattress, which is 3cm thicker as the old one was. That doesn’t make the folding easier, but hopefully our sleep.

Jan wants to try folding the tent without my help because the roof rack is already heavily loaded.
He tested that once at home and it worked fine. Well, at home we did not have wind, wet and non of all these small flies.

Here now, it’s a little drama. The tent fabric does not fold nice and hangs out on each side.
“The cover does never fit!”, I thought and got the camera.
Jan is very frustrated because he can’t do it on his own and I am frustrated because I am too small to help from the ground.

At the end, after a big effort, it’s done. Luckily!

Well, it’s done for now. We did not solve the Problem. We will have it again each morning and we are wondering what to do.
We could get rid of this tent, sleep in the car, in our normal tent on the ground or we can also go to Motels.

It’s a frustrating moment for both of us and we have strange thoughts.
Thus is the weather. 11 degrees, the sky is grey and fog is everywhere.

We drove up to one the nicest Sights in Nova Scotia, the “Five Island Park”.
We can’t see anything except a playground but that doesn’t matter, we just want do have a coffee and start organizing our luggage.
Each drawer is a room. So we have one bathroom stuff drawer, one kitchen drawer, one for our clothes and another one for the cellar stuff.

The Paragliding Backpack, our Trekking Backpacks, the Table and our chairs, as well as the cameras are still on top of the drawer rack. I do not like that picture but we have no other choice.


Sorting our stuff.


Almost done.

We looked for things which we will never need, put them in a bag which we will hand over to my parents when we meet them in 6 weeks. It’s difficult to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.
“I will need that once. I will also need that if it’s cold and this in the hot regions…” I always thought. I am sure we will find more things which we did not touch, so we will also get rid of these in the next weeks.

We feel a bit better, even we still have to carry all the stuff with us.
Now, the sky clears up and the sun is coming. Jan would like to fly directly but unfortunately we don’t have any oil and gas with us, so he can’t go.
The scenery was absolutely fabulous. The “Five Island Park” is named like that cause on the sea, there are 5 small islands. The fog is still over the sea and Jan could have taken some very nice pictures. Well, another time. We might get much more possibilities.

_MG_0466 _MG_0469 _MG_0468

We drive along the coast and find a nice over night stay next to a big house, which is a museum. It’s in front of the sea and nobody is around.
Despite our tent-problem in the morning, we decided to open it again. We agreed to fold it as always done. I will climb on the roof and help Jan tomorrow.
Hopefully this will work easily.

 IMG_0625  _MG_0489  IMG_0623