Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


No Christmas spirit and our way south



We drove to the campground in San Miguel de Allende. It’s a nice, small and clean place which was totally booked out over christmas. We were lucky that Joachim reserved a spot for us.
We had a “Potluck” dinner party at Christmas – what means we were eating together and everybody did bring some food: a salad or cake or pasta or drinks.

Unfortunately we arrived late at the campground, quickly made our pasta salad and joined the buffet table.

We have not been in any advent or christmas mood in the last weeks, without the smell of home made cookies, candles, mandarins and gingerbread…Also at christmas we did not feel like christmas. We do celebrate and we are not on our own but still this is no real christmas. We missed family and a cozy home.


Potluck in San Miguel de Allende.




I got helpful tips from a long-term traveler.


Lissy didn’t like the party. She wanted to sleep in the car.

As San Miguel is located on 1.900m altitude it’s kind of cold here. We decided -also because the campground was a little expensive- to go on. Unfortunately, we did not go and see the city. We drove directly to Puebla/Cholula.
We made an overnight stop in Tequisquiapan where we camped on a very big, grassy field next to an adventure swimming pool. It was nobody there except us. Perfect!
This place would have been nice to stay and relax for some days as we could have also used the swimming pool but the weather is bad. At night when we had just grilled our yummy salmon it started to get very windy and after a little while it also started to rain. We were unhappy cause we had to open our tarp which then just flew away. The salmon got cold and we were bugged.


Nice camp next to an adventure swimming pool.


Perfect place but wet and windy.


Lissy did not get enough…


…she looked a little scary, too…


…and did stop running around.



Lissy won! 😉 😉


Daily pedicure had to be done.


Okay. She did find an end, finally.

We only stayed one night and went on to Cholula. We went to the great Pyramid there where Lissy was not allowed 🙁 Jan had go climb up alone and I waited with Lissy. The special thing about this pyramid is that there is a church on to. This is not the onliest church in Cholula. There are 36 more churches in town.


One of the 37 churches.


And here are some more to see.


Just one part of the pyramid.


The church on top of the pyramid.


Jan had to visit the church on his own.

Time runs. It’s already end of december so we only have five more weeks to drive approx. 2.000 km to Cancun where my sister will visit us. On the way we will have a lot of stops cause it’s a lot to see. For now we headed to Oaxaca but we did not camp in the city. We camped in a small town a little more south. It’s Santa Maria del Tule at Overlander Oasis. What happened here and why we stayed so long will be told in our next report.