Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Tight bikinis and trained bodies


Happy without surfing

Our trip goes back to the ocean. In only a few hours we make it from the volcano to sea level and reach “El Tunco”.
It’s a touristy village. Not because the village is beautiful, because the waves are perfect for surfing. We don’t surf but we enjoy the beach although it’s not perfect for swimming it’s nice too cool down.
In the morning and afternoon we can watch the surfers who are really fancy 😉

We don’t camp in El Tunco directly because it’s a party village and way too full and loud for us. Especially at the weekends.

As this place has so many hotels we get the idea of making a video here, too. We ask each hotel and an hour later we have a deal with a nice resort. We film for a week and the KAYU Resort has a pretty nice promotion video now: