Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Lagunas de Montebello Nationalpark


Float trip on “Cinco Lagos”

Thanks to the many Overlander we met until now and their perfect tipps we already know our new destination. It’s the “Lagunas de Montebello” Nationalpark which is very close to the border to Guatemala. It’s only 240 km but through the mountains what means we are very sloooooow. We are lucky and find a good Pemex gas station after half of the way. We’re allowed to overnight, there are restrooms and police on site. Well, it could be worse.

The remaining km are also slow but we get to the Park. It’s so nice cause it’s a little cooler up here at 1.600 meters.  The campground is in Tziscao, next to the same-named lake. We can camp right in the forest and find a quiet place.

There are some visitors during day time but they have their picnic in front of the reception so we are in peace and quiet all time. Lissy finds paradise here: forest. Unfortunately she finds a lot of trash (although it does not look dirty here) and she cant get enough of “running away” and “ignoring us”. The trash seems to be more interesting than the treats and we 😉


That’s our forest camp…


…and that’s how we live now 😉


Evening mood at Lake Tziscao


The Nationalpark is a biosphere reserve of UNESCO since 2009 and has more than 50 lakes in different colours but not all lakes are accessible. The entrance fee includes access to five lakes. One is Lago Tziscao were we camp. Actually we like the cooler weather of “only” 20 degrees Celcius but at the same time we find it too cold to swim. However, we don’t need to swim as the view and the “not sweating” is just  perfect! We also visit the other lakes and take a little float trip on “Cinco Lagos”. Also Lissy likes it because she gets paddles over the calm water like a princess 😉


Such a good girl!


Wow! Crystal clear – but cold.


Dont’t stop paddling.


It reminds us on our big canoe trip on Bowron Lakes.


Nearly a nice family shot 😉


“Hey Lissy, I think you need my cap cause it’s very sunny!”


Looks like the float trip was very exhausting 😉


Laguna Montebello


Going fishing?


“Lissy, have a look. That’s where we just paddled.”


She does not rally like the wall…


…but she has to do everything we do.


Lago Pojoj


ONE guide paddles for 9 Mexicans!

“Hey, what’s that strawberry smell here?”, i asked Jan when I finally found out, that Lissy stepped into bubble gum 🙁 We’re used to a trash on the streets and sure, people here also spill out their bubble gums right on the sidewalk.




…all I can do here is: cut it out