Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Market in Fredericton and a lot of driving

Our night was pleasant, not as nice as in our big roof tent was still OK.
As the weather forecast already predicted, it’s raining today. This time, we went to the market without breakfast cause we expect sweet snacks there.


The food offer is huge and we enjoy a super sweet cupcake which is difficult to eat but really nice.

After we were stuffed, we bought our dinner: Fresh salmon and fiddleheads – a speciality here – which is supposed to taste like spinach.

Voila! Who said that we can’t cook healthy and good?

The coast road to Montreal would have been really nice but as it’s raining and foggy we wouldn’t see anything and took the highway instead. I did’t drive fast and even trucks passed us. Thanks to the cruise control, I just needed to steer and had to be careful if a moose run across the street. Luckily this did not happen, but I would have liked to see one on the roadside.

The Highway is nearly empty I can just drive. Here are nearly no speeder who make driving annoying. The onliest problem is: Not to fall asleep.

We drove very long that day, at 10 PM, we stopped at a fancy hotel and asked if we could overnight on their parking. Unfortunately, we both don’t speak french and just recognized that the official language in Quebec is french, not english.
Well, the nice guy was able to help us in english and allowed to overnight on their parking but he also mentioned, that there is a park at the end of the village, it’s just 5 minutes driving. We would have a nicer view as on their parking. OK. We went there but the park was just a parking some grass around 🙂

Whatever, it’s dark anyway and we just want to sleep.