Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Paramotor Meeting and Antelope Canyon


Nice flight close to Monument Valley

We got up very early because in the morning the weather conditions for flying are the best. When we arrived at the airport we did not see anybody in the air. Unfortunately it’s too windy today.
Jan got to know somebody who was able to repair his propeller. He can already fix it today – that’s perfect. Also he told Jan not to start flying before 5PM because of the thermals. Hmmm, that’s a long time waiting… we drove back to the campground washed our clothes, took a shower and relaxed in the sun.

Later on the airport we could see lots of paraglider in the air. I watched them and had to admin that I get a funny feeling from watching already. Some of the pilots were really good, they made loopings or speed down very fast and lift off shortly before they reached the ground.
Jans flight was perfect this time without any starting or landing issues. Pants, knees and propeller are did not get hurt this time.


A quick access to the engine.


The best things come in three.


A constant coming and going or starting and landing.


Those who don’t fly have to wait.


That they don’t get in each other’s way?


No, the pic is not the wrong way up…


…this is a guy having fun doing crazy stuff.


I’m happy Jan doesn’t do that.

On the next morning the weather was good and Jan flew again. He flew towards Monument Valley, but returned after 30 minutes because the wind blowed off. The wind got stronger by the hour so that nobody flew anymore. Everybody packed their stuff to leave. Also did we. We went on to Antelope Canyon near Page . In the evening it got very stormy. We were afraid to open the roof top tent and decided to sleep in the car. We had to bring all our 1000 things on the front seats, blow up the sleeping mats and recognized again that our tent is just perfect because we have so much space!

I browsed the internet to get information on the “Antelope Canyon” and I was surprised that you can only visit this place in a guided tour for 40$ per person. As this is not expensive enough already, you are not allowed to bring a tripod – you can only bring one in the special tour at 12 o’clock which cost 80$ per person! This is a pure rip-off, we think.
Also, overcrowded Pick Up ” buses ” carted us into the canyon. In the narrow canyon itself are too many people, we can’t even walk properly. There are “photographers” with their huge tripods everywhere (we booked the normal 12 o’clock Tour as this gives the best light ) who constantly took precedence . Our guide told us that every day 1.600 people walk through the canyon. Well, it’s not a bad business considering that everybody pays 40-80 dollars 😉


Cozy drive to the canyon.


Smooth rock.


Oooops, we got very long legs 😉


We’re not on our own.


Antelope Canyon


Who will take the best shot?


“Photo Shooting”


Where did all the people go?


Antelope Canyon


As soon as everybody found the way out, we got a cozy ride back.

On the way back from the canyon we discovered the “Horseshoe Bend” by chance. It was a little scary to watch how close some people go on the slope – one wrong step and they would fall deep.


The Colorado River in a shape of a horseshoe.


Wow, the photographer is very brave.

We are lucky and the Nationalparks reopened. Thus, our next goal is “Grand Canyon”.