Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Oil pressure gauge defect and too much wind



Our route takes us to Loreto where we did go on the city campsite. We met “old friends”. Liane and Gerhard, Ingelore and Rolf and Bente and Hans. The town seems to be a very popular place for Overlanders. After the last visit to the vet in Mulegé we wanted visit a vet once again and ask if the vaccinations are right and get a vermifuge, too. Online, I found an address of an alleged good vet who even speaks english.

The info from the net was good, the vet is very nice and can luckily confirm that the vaccinations were correct but HAVE TO be repeated in 2 weeks – otherwise they will not work. Good to know!
Before we continued, we treated ourselves with delicious tacos in a fine, colourful restaurant. Treats for us means training session for Lissy: In the restaurant she has to go under the table!


Visit the vet again.


Lissy has to go wherever we go.

We continued to Ciudad Constitucion and stayed at a large parking lot of a hotel. We talked to the English owner who told us with which business we could earn a lot of money here in Mexico and also he explained where it’s best to buy land. At the same time, he explained that it is difficult to buy land if you’re not Mexican. The café business is exhausted and that there is a very good café here in town. It’s Coffeestar – kind of Starbucks. For sure we checked this café directly. Well, it looks nice from the outside! Also, it looks nice inside! And the best thing: The cappuccino is pretty good. It’s actually one of the best we’ve tried so far on the trip.


Camping on a huge hotel parking lot.


Wow. Super Café


Hmmmmmm. One of the best Cappuccinos ever!

When we reached La Paz we tried to find the beautiful beaches and found one directly. It’s THE dream beach! “Playa Balandra”. The water is crystal clear and for many, many meters it’s very shallow. Also Lissy had the courage to come in.


Lovely shallow water.


Little walk on the beach.


With treats, she does everything 😉


Well, she seems a little scared but she made it into the water.


Too many new experiences. She is knocked out.

Wo drove further to Playa Tecolote and meet four travellers from Germany. It’s amazing how many Overlanders we meet on Baja. In Canada and USA we did meet almost nobody. We build our camp, a little protected from the wind behind a dune. Jan directly wanted to fly but it was too late already.

On the next morning Jan gets ready to fly, he mounted everything and dragged his stuff to the beach. As soon as he was ready, the wind started to blow! “That’s it so!” he screamed ans was pissed off.


Too much wind to fly.


If I can’t fly…


…I can pose at least 😉 😉


Found a place in the shade.

We headed on south. On the way – in the middle of nowhere – Jan noticed that our oil pressure gauge indicated no more pressure. We stopped immediately and Jan controlled everything. Nothing changed! After an hour, we got back in the car and drove to the next small village to get an internet connection. Jan entered the question in the bush-taxi forum and browsed the Internet to find an idea on this issue. After an unsuccessful search, we continued the trip to Los Barriles. Here in the village nobody would have been able to help. In Los Barriles, a kitesurfing paradise, we headed for the campsite and wanted to seek help here. Coincidentally, the owner knew a good car repair shop and called the boss directly. We were lucky and could come over immediately as he had time to look at our problem. Perfect !
We went right away. The workshop is a little chaotic but the boss of the shop was able to help us within 5 minutes and found the error. The display was not broken, the oil pressure was also ok. Unfortunately, the error is in the electronics of the dashboard. As it’s no fun to take the dashboard apart we moved this task to another day. For the fast and spontaneous service we did not have to pay anything. Terrific !


Small but very good car workshop in Los Barriles.


After 5 minutes we know what’s wrong.

Unfortunately, we missed to take any photos of the kite surfers and Los Barriles itself: Indeed, this town may be a paradise for kite surfers but that’s why it’s not our favourite place. It’s too windy..