Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


San Francisco Part II


Golden Gate

On Thursday we bought tickets for Alcatraz. We sail to the island with the ferry and recognize, that Alcatraz is not as close as it looks. When we arrived, we picked up the audio tour. You get headphones with a very good and authentic story and explanations about Alcatraz. After 2 hours you have walked all around.

The tour is very good. Due to the original voices (only in the English audio tour – in the German version you can only sometimes hear the english voices) and the original sounds you can get a small idea of the life on Alcatraz.


Looks real…


… but it’s just a small simulation.

IMG_5915  IMG_5914


Poster at the entrance.


Cell next to cell…


… cold, uncomfortable and scary.


View from the courtyard…


…but no chance getting out of here.


That’s it. Nothing more.



One of the luxury cells.


The watchtower.

_MG_6147  _MG_6094

After the tour we take the BART back to Walnut Creek, get our car and drive to Alameda to visit Scott. We are invited to celebrate Halloween with them. “This is always a lot of fun.”, Shalea said one day. When we arrive at Scotts house, Shalea sits in front of their house – dressed up like everybody else in town – and gives sweets to the kids. They always climb up the stairs and ask “Trick or Treat”? Shalea wishes a happy Halloween and puts Twix, Snickers or chewy candy into their bags.


Trick or Treat?


Some kids really look creepy with their horrible masks.


Kids leave the house with a smile.

Tonight, we stay at Scotts house in the garden and get invited to go climbing the next morning. “Oh jaa! Nice idea!”, Jan and I think. The bad thing is, I am totally out of practice and hardly get up the wall. It was a little depressing. But on the other hand, where should the power come from? However, Jan makes a really good job climbing up very easy.


Not too bad 😉

After climbing we got back to Simon and Rachel. We are invited to a seafood dinner with friends in SF downtown. We have mussels for starter – a dream!!! The entree was fish which was delicious and our dessert was a sweet, yummy Apfelstrudel with ice cream. Thank you so much. It was a great evening!


Dinner in SF downtown. Brillant view to the Bay Bridge

For the weekend, we may borrow the car of Simon, a Mustang convertible. Jan has fun and steps on the gas. We drive to “Half Moon Bay” and then on Highway 1 to Santa Cruz which was is pretty nice drive.
On Sunday we go to Sausaltio, to a viewpoint of the Golden Gate and drive down windy Lombard Street.


Yeah! Changed car 😉


Half Moon Bay…


…unfortunately, too cold to swim.


Half Moon Bay


Fair in Santa Cruz.


This fair is here all year.


Bach Volleyball at evening hour.


Lombard Street


San Francisco at night.


We’ve had one of our best weeks in San Francisco! Many thanks to Simon and Rachel, Scott and Shalea!