Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Trailer done! Back on the road again!


Yoga at sunrise @ Hierve el Agua

After more than two months in Oaxaca, to be exact in Santa Maria del Tule at Overlander Oasis, with some Ups and Downs because of the trailer project we’re finally back on the road. The last “small” jobs took again longer as expected but we really finished the project and were ready to leave.


In fact, this job wasn’t funny at all.


Hand Crafted by: The best Trailer builder ever!


Wow, the kitchen is nearly done and we also got an oven!


I learn from the master how to really make a good pizza!


The pizza was delicious!


Lazy, lazier…


…Lissy. She did not like to do much in the midday sun.

While we were here we got to know many Overlanders. For example Janine and Holger from Germany who started their travel with a nice Pick Up cabine but hat to part with it due to leaking issues.  Also we met Simone and Michael from Switzerland who travel with their Landrover. It was nice to talk in german again and have funny evenings together. Also we met Jennifer and Witt with their 5 year old son Quinn from USA. After Quinn lost his fear of Lissy, he played with her every day what was nice to see. Sure, he also helped to build the trailer 😉


Pura La Vida: Janine and Holger


New friends!


Our little helper Quinn.


When Sparks Fly: Jen, Witt and Quinn (Lissy stayed with us;))

Jen and Witt cooked for us, Calvin and Leanne and together we tried to destroy Quinns self made Pinada. Pinadas are very common on birthday parties in Mexico. It’s only papier-mâché shape which are filled with sweets. The game is to destroy the shape with a stick so that the sweets drop.


Quinn build a strong pinada…


…it’s not easy to destroy.


But sure we made it!

Some comments and emotions on the trailer project.

We are happy that we started it but sometimes we are also in a bad mood. We thought this will take two weeks instead of two months. And also we had to drive 1.500 extra km because my sister visited us in the middle of this project on the other side of Mexiko.

The time was not relaxing for Jan as he was busy all the time. In the beginning it was a little difficult to work in an unfamiliar workshop of somebody we did not know but this changed after some weeks and also he and Calvin became a very good team who always had an open mind for jokes and inanities.


As I said… inanities…


“Yeah Baby.” (it’s more an insider joke)


Again… inanities!

For me there wasn’t much to help. I used the time to update our homepage but when that was done and after I knew every street in the village, I was bored, in a bad mood and did regret this project which took much too long of our travel time! Well, I was told that after rain comes sun…. and it luckily was like that.

We said goodbye to Leanne and Calvin and drove away with our “rolling home”. We are curious about the driving behaviour of the trailer as we thought about it in the past a lot: We might me much slower than before. Can we handle the wide trailer in the narrow streets and villages? Will the interior be okay after a bad road?  Is it waterproof? etc.

Also we thinks that it’s a bit strange to travel like pensioners… with a camper 😉

Well, at least we found out that the constant life outside with every weather condition and in all different situations and regions is not what we like for a long time trip. Also our new doggie needs to have a “home” instead of a roof top tent where we have to carry her up to. Fortunately she already liked the trailer even it was not finished at all.


Lissy gets her own place in here…


…by then she has to find another sleeping place.

Our thoughts about the trailer and driving find the answer today on our way to „Hieve el Agua“, a waterfall close to Santa Maria del Tule. Jan is pleasantly surprised that the car is still driving that good. Sure, we can feel that we pulll approx. 1.5 tons but it’s not bad at all. Also the short off road stretch is no problem and the interior is absolutely fine when we arrive,

We can also camp here – it’s a nice spot with a perfect view and it’s super quiet. The waterfall is not really to see – it’s more the natural pools which impress us. These remind us of “Yellowstone Nationalpark”, just much smaller.

During daytime it is very hot so we se just enjoy to live in our trailer – till now everything works as planned. It’s perfect and I love it  As it gets cooler in the evening we go for a doggie walk. Lissy can run around without leash and also enjoys the water holes next to the pool.


Ready for breakfast?


I look kind of small next to this cactus.


Hierve el Agua


Lissy’s first big walk in the wilderness.


By now she also likes the water…


Oops!!! Emergency stop!


Here she goes.


“We are really allowed to swim here?”


Jan does…


…but it’s really cold so I’m fine after cooling off my legs.


One of our favorite spots.


Hierve el Agua


Quiet and peaceful.


Close shot…


…it really looks strange what nature and water build after a while.


We love it!

This place is exactly what we needed after the long compulsory break. We’re happy cause we found a nice camp, we have a cute little “house” and we can cool off in the natural pool. There is nothing else we need! On the next morning we are very motivated and get up very early for some yoga at sunrise.


The lotus position for energy.


The tree for balance and concentration.


The warrior for power and spirit.


The Kiss 😉 for love and trust.


The “do what u like” asana for fun and joy!