Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Surrounded by volcanos at Lago Atitlan

Our Camp in Panajachel

After our volcano trip we want to relax at lago Atitlan. On our way we visit the market in Sololá where we do not see any tourists and get our fruit and vegetable ration for unbeatable prices. The market is really worth to see and explore.

The lake covers 130km², is 18km long and surrounded by three volcanos. The lake basin is volcanic in origin, filling an enormous caldera formed in an eruption 84.000 years ago.  Around the lake there are several small villages like Pana(jachel), San Pedro and San Marcos. Our first destination is the biggest village “Pana” which we do not like much. Our camp however provides a beautiful view to the lake and volcanos.

With the water taxi we reach the surrounding villages. San Pedro is famous for its party time, drugs, fireworks and souvenir stands – not really what we’re looking for. So we only spend half day here before we headed to San Marcos. We were told that there is a beautiful Campground so we pack our stuff and head this way.

The road to the small village is steep – really steep. While driving down we’re already asking ourself how we will ever get back up…

San Marcos is very quiet. It kind of seems dead. The motto here is: Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation!  The Camp is a little outside and we have to torture the trailer on a bad off-road route. But it’s worth it. The place at Pierre is amazing and we stay for one week.


Our Camp in Pana

Café in San Pedro – luckily we can get coffee in every village

Main road in San Pedro

Poor street dogs at the market in Sololá 🙁

Oil change needs to be done

Yummy chocolate fruits at the market

Somebody wants to join? 😉

Market Sololá

You can buy the living chickens…

…or the dead

Usually the vendors sit on the floor and pile up their fruits and vegetables in front of them.

The locals don’t wear colourful clothes.

Butterfly farm in Pana

Butterfly farm in Pana

San Marcos. Lucia and Jan having …

…fun while splashing into the lake.

“How do I get back up?”

Bread! Real bread. Our tipp:

…while you’re at the lake. Check Posada Jaibalito…

..super nice food and super cheap.

Also these guys know how yummy it is!

Our view…

…our BBQ 😉

To get into the small and steep property of Pierre we needed some helping hands.

Back to the main road… It’s even too steep for the Toyota who has to pull the trailer….

…we had to take several breaks.