Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Goodbye Vancouver Island


Crowds of people in Victoria

While we stroll around Victoria we recognize that we are not the only ones.
Thousands of people are here today. The reason therefor is a big Oldtimer exhibition. As much cars string together – one more elegant as the previous one.
After the first 100 cars we saw enough and leave the city in a traffic jam.

IMG_2842 IMG_2845
IMG_2870 IMG_2848
IMG_2852 20130721_143357
IMG_2862 IMG_2861
IMG_2839 IMG_2867
IMG_2837 IMG_2836
IMG_2834 IMG_2872
20130721_143139 IMG_2821
IMG_2822 IMG_2894
IMG_2890 IMG_2887

Our time on Vancouver Island is over. We take the ferry back to Vancouver and enjoy the sunny crossing on deck.


Good bye Vancouver! It was so nice!

_MG_2961The Suspension Bridge in Vancouver -in the Lynn Canyon Park- is our destination for today. As we reach the Park late, it’s already closed and we try to find a place to stay overnight. We come to a housing area and have no idea where to park and open the tent. After a while we find a small grass verge which would be okay for us. We still like to ask somebody before setting up our “home”. Luckily a man next door is in his driveway and I can ask him if it’s okay to camp there.
Instead of answering this question, he offers us to park in his driveway and explains that he has to go to the airport early tomorrow morning and that we might wake up because of the noise. He directly excuses therefor. In our opinion he does not need to excuse at all – He just offered us a place to camp!


That’s a little scary 🙂


Of course, Jan without shoes again! 🙂

CameraZOOM-20130723112125236 _MG_2984


Tough guys goes swim in the cold water.

_MG_3002 IMG_2901

IMG_3006We leave Vancouver and reach Squamish where we find Walmart. All the Motorhomes implies that we can stay here overnight.
We park next to a young couple in a combi-van and get into a conversation. After some minutes we find out that they are from Germany too and travel around Canada for 6 months. Compared to our Landcruiser, their car is very small but they are able to store all their stuff and also to sleep inside. Nevertheless, we are happy to have the huge roof-top-tent.

On the next day we put on our walking boots and march up the 702m Granitmonolith “Stawamus Chief” in the same-named Provincial Park.
The trail is -as always- very nice, lots of steps bring is up higher little by little. It’s exhausting, I sweat I feel my legs with every step.
As we reach the top finally, we are proud and enjoy the fantastic panorama.


Just for the picture! That wasn’t the official path 🙂


However, the way goes steep upwards!

 IMG_2944 IMG_2953
IMG_2982 IMG_2991
IMG_2997 IMG_3003

After we arrived back at the car, we are floppy and need to take a shower quick.
We take a swim in the Alice Lake, a very nice bathing lake around the corner and get something to eat from the Deli-department in a grocery store.


It hasn’t to be a campfire …


… to make sticky sweets! 🙂

Next morning I wake up with the worst muscle hangover in my bum. With every step I can feel the stairs of yesterday and I walk like a 70year old woman.

While I write new reports, Jan designs a new cap (with a pressure compensating valve) for the spare canister on the roof. After that’s done we head north.


“Pressure-Adaption-System for Plastic-Spare-Jerrycans”

We stop at the turquoise Joffre Lakes for a small hike but my aching muscles remind me that I don’t like to walk anywhere today. The small walk to the first lake is already painful and I don’t know how to walk. Even worse are those thousands of flys which fly around our faces and spoil the nice view on the lake.


Appearances are deceitful: Nasty flies all around!

As we drive further we cross several small villages and wonder why and how people like to live here. In each village we try to get our propane tank filled up but unfortunately this won’t work. These are the different scenarios that we had:
#1 The petrol attendant refuses to fill a european gas bottle. (Does he know scenario 2,3 and 4?)
#2 Everything fits but nothing happens. The petrol attendant can’t get the gas into the bottle.
#3 The red safety valve flys off. The petrol attendant is wimp and joins #1
#4 While filling, the whole bottle gets a rocket and flys around in the small filling station


How needs Propan? Isn’t that more beautiful and romantic? 🙂

We are puzzled – and scared! Why did it work the very first time?
After we asked the 10th petrol station we give up and think about buying a new Canadian cooker and gas bottle. For now, our 2nd gas bottle stays empty and we hope that the gas in the other bottle will be enough for some months.

After a nice self-cooked dinner and a bottle of wine our mood gets better, also the campground fee was not collected – we can smile again.