Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Hiking in Gananoque

_MG_0563This morning the sun woke us up and we tried to find a Trail, which had to be -according to the internet- nearby.
We drove into a path because we wanted to get some water from the lake before we head off.
On our way back to the street a woman came towards us, motioning nervously.
I opened the door and she shouted unfriendly: “This is private property!”

“OK, how should we know?”, I thought and walked towards her. With the same tone of voice, she repeated: “This is private property!”

I explained, that we are from Germany, on a big road trip and that we are looking for the local trail. Subsequently, she changed her voice and was very friendly.
She warned us about the infected ticks here. The dog of her neighbor died due to a tick bite last week. Furthermore, she also explained us where exactly her property starts and ends and where the next property begins. Unfortunately, we couldn’t follow the rest of her story because she talked too fast and too much. She didn’t know where the trail is but told us to ask at the golf course, they might know.

As we arrived at the golf course we did ask for a shower first. The lady was very nice. Actually, they had a champion chip taking place but she still gave us the keys for the swimming pool showers.
The Lady also knew the Trail, but due to the ticks and 10000 mosquitos we decided to leave.

_MG_0554We came to a small village called Gananoque. It’s very clean and neat. We walked around the park, searched for some Geo-Caches and went to the visitor center.
The Lady was also very friendly and helpful. She and her husband were in Germany several times and we talked a while. We got lots of information about the Trails here and nearby and don’t know where to start.

Also the next morning we wake up and the sun is shining bright.
We have breakfast and get ready for our first trail. We started with the 5km Wildwood Trail, which was only opened last week, and also walked another 8km around the sea. After this trip, we took the shortcut through the village. We did not want to overdo the first trail with new shoes 😉


Nature, We come to see you!


Is that a beaver on a tree?


All alone on the new Wildwood Trail.


“Dry Training”. When does he go up in the air?

The last mornings were absolutely brilliant to fly with the motorizes paraglider and that’s why Jan likes to test his brand new Paraglide Equipment on a playground first.
He mounted his harness into a children’s swing to prepare everything on the ground.
“How does it work?”, I asked.
“So far, so good. Theoretically it should work.”, he answered.
“Hmm, that does not really calms me”, I thought.

Sometimes I wonder why he did not choose a less risky hobby. I think I will be more nervous as he will be, when he flies the first time.
We already flew together in the alps – without motor. But I never saw him flying, especially not with the “big” motor.
That will also not change today as it’s already too late but I am sure, in the next days I will see him up in the sky.

Our question for now: Where do we sleep?
I asked in a motel if we can park on their parking for one night. The receptionist was very friendly and allowed us to stay there. She also offered the washrooms which we can use day and night.


Jan has Fans already.


Small barrage in the park.


In the Park.


A frog, taking pictures. Barefooted of course.


This train connection does not exist anymore.


Essential in former times. Now only a museum object. (HDR)


11 degrees. This is too cold, even for the frog.


A small light house in Gananoque.


Thousands of flies. Luckily these don’t bite.


The hydrants are painted with a funny face.


The church tower.


We found a Geo-Cache!


Young geese.


A Young geese Hunter 😉