Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Via Palenque towards to Cancun


Souvenirs from Palenque

When we left San Cristobal de las Casas we headed towards Palenque. We drove and drove and drove. 100km into the wrong direction!!! 🙂 Well that’s not easy! We were sure to be on the correct route until Jan recognized the border line to Guatemala on our GPS and we stopped to check the map. “Sh* we are wrong.” Half a day of driving did not bring us closer to our destination but we wanted to reach Palenque today. We had only 4 more days until my sister came to visit us in Cancun.

We searched and found a byroad to Palenque because we did not like to drive all the way back where we came from. The new route led us through the jungle, over mountains and windy roads. Unfortunately we had to drive the last 200km in the dark and rain. It was no big deal for Jan but I was really afraid -the streets could have huge potholes which we do not see or the street slipped or an animal runs in our car or we get ambushed or a fallen tree blocks the road… Well yes, all this could have had happened but we were lucky and made it to Palenque safe – but late.


Small shacks next to the road…


…with fresh fruits and veggies.


As already mentioned, EVERYTHING can get transported somehow.


We’re off into the jungle.


This is one of the luxury homes here…


Nice view.


There is also a café in the middle of nowhere.


Chaos in the next bigger city.


Our night drive…


…we did not really see much.

We camped on the first parking lot of a hotel and fell into our bed. The next day we had to explore the ruins without Lissy – dogs are not allowed, not even with leash. Too bad! As she slept anyway we left her in the car and hoped that she will sleep for another hour while we rush through the ruin.


First, we had to buy souvenirs…


…a necklace with a asterisk pendant of the maya calendar.



Kids also sell here.


One more asterisk pendant?


Sure we get a magnet for our collection.


Monkeys – supposedly they are here but we did not see any.


We also get one of these…


…and pay too much…


..later we saw several maya calendar which were less expensive.


Palenque Ruine


Palenque Ruine in the jungle


It was very hot and humid!


Palenque Ruine


Palenque Ruine


Palenque Ruine


Palenque Ruine

Our next camp is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Actually it’s not more than a paddock – but we had toilets and shower, cold of course 😉


Lissy is happy she has a huge meadow to run.


Until now the most interesting shower we had 😉

The camp was only a stopover. Our destination was Bacalar but it would have had been a too long drive. In Bacalar we headed to the “Laguna Azul” campground which is supposed to be very nice. And yes. It is. You can rent kayaks, there’s a restaurant, you can rent cute cabanas, the restroom is clean and has hot water showers. All this was only 150 Pesos for both of us – one of the nicest places so far.


The access road is a little bumpy and leads directly into the jungle.


The lagoon.


Jungle camp @ Laguna Azul


Cute cabanas to rent.


Hmmm, self picked coconut. Yummy


Our “guard dog”. She jumped on Jans lap cause another dog was barking 😉