Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Yosemite Nationalpark. We increase our sportsmanship.


Yeah! We made it! Now, back down.

We took the Tioga pass with 3.031m to get into Yosemite National Park. We liked to hike here and drove straight to the visitor center to ask about all trails.
Our first idea was climbing the “Half Dome”. A very famous rock here. This is a trail of about 25km and almost 1.500m elevation. This will beat our last elevation of 900m in Grand Canyon 😉

The guy in the Visitor center told us that the ropes that give security further up the “Half Dome” are already dropped because of the winter season. But he says, we can still go up. He adds: “Sometimes some people fall and die – that’s all that can happen” He says that without any smile or kind of a joke. “Aha,” we think. “Very encouraging!”

“We won’t fall down!.”, I say to Jan. We decide to get up early tomorrow morning. At 6 o’clock AM so we can make the hike of about 8-12 hours at light.

6:00 clock. Here we go. We already packed our backpacks yesterday evening. Now we just need a hearty breakfast and off we go!


6 o’clock AM. It’s still pitch-black.

We can start right at the campground as the trailhead is just 10 minutes from here. We walk uphill, uphill and uphill for three hours until we get to a nice little campsite. We quickly filter water, fill the drinking bags, shift our sandwiches and muffins. We also meet a young couple who tell us, that there is a very beautiful hike up to “Clouds Rest” instead of “Half Dome”. From there, we could even see the “Half Dome”. They went up there two days ago and loved it. Jan studies the map quickly and we decide -due to the not existing rope at “Half Dome” and the immense slope of 45° or 100%, the non-stepped granite floor to change our plans and hike to “Clouds Rest”. Although this spot is even higher than “Half Dome” it’s probably safer. So, we continue our hike! Higher and higher. The view is always great!

At 2 o’clock we arrive at a great mountain. I thought we made it already, but no! It goes up even further. Due to the early darkness and the long descent which we also go today we decide to let this be our goal. We are indeed just before the “real goal” but we do not want to risk being stuck in the pitch dark on our way down.
After a little break up here, we go back down. The decision to stop was good -we would have been much too late if we would have gone all the way – Already now, we need to walk 1/2 hour in the pitch dark back to the camp.
Totally logy but happy we reach our car. Now we just need to take a shower and have something for dinner. As our legs hurt, feet hurt, back hurts and because we do not want to go just one more step, we take the car to the showerhouse which is only 10 minutes away 😉 After a can of ravioli we fall to bed like stones.

(Unfortunately we only got some mobile phone pics. Our camera including the pics of this trail got stolen :()


Beautiful view.


Stairs, stairs, stairs…


This is also a perfectly build out trail.


We’re sweating.


Step by step we get higher and higher.


It’s not really our planned goal but we are still proud of us!

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful parks for us. The nature and views are stunning… as you can see here.


Entrance to the Yosemite NP. What’s it going to be like?


Impressive granite rocks.


The rocks in Yosemite attracts a lot of rock climber.



On the right in the middle you can see the night camp of these crazy guys.




One of the biggest forest fires from Sep. 2013


Half Dome within sight.

IMG_5827 IMG_5830