Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Visiting Tiger & Co!


Bird of Belize. The Tukan

We leave Belize City and drive to the inland. On our way, very close to the city we stop at the Belize Zoo. It keeps only animals which were kept illegal as pets, which were found injured or motherless. The zoo is pretty and has a lot of space, directly in the jungle.

Surprisingly, we spend nearly a full day there. There is a lot to see and the nice paths invite to walk around.

When we came, there were not so many people and we got a private, free of cost tour by one of the keepers.




The spider monkeys swinging from branch to branch.

These guys are funny. The Tapir

Poor Tukan is blind on one eye ;(

Black panther. He was a little bored.

Sure, they have crocodiles. Which we luckily did not see outside the zoo 😉

Whatever… A bird?

The majestic puma

Wild pigs. Same look like in Germany.

Der Tukan ist der Nationalvogel von Belize

Tukan. A beautiful bird. Unfortunately, we never saw one outside the zoo.

Zoo life can be exhausting.

Don’t remember his name. Strange look though.

Green parrot. Who can make an ear-battering sound.

Please keep on smiling!

Like a boa around your neck?

This one was in a good mood, luckily.