Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Planning, Crafting, Screwing

Sticky Notes

Our task board 🙂

It’s already three months ago when I quit my job. Mona quit to the end of may – she’s still working on an important project.
Although I quit and could sleep long in the morning we get up together, enjoy our breakfast and after Mona left the house I sit on my desk trying to plan the trip.

What do we do with our insurances, which flight should we book, how do we ship the car and mainly: How do we organize all our stuff inside the car?

As project manager and scrum master I quickly misuse some old styrofoam plates which are now used as our interactive whiteboard.

As we only have 10 weeks left until our Toyota gets shipped across the ocean, I should hurry up preparing the car instead of planning like a scrum master.
But when I look at the car right now, I truely must admit that it still looks like a normal car without any of the specials I want to install:

– drawer system in the trunk with an installed gas cooker
– fridge at one of the side doors
– additional battery with all our charging elements
– two vehicle heater of Eberspächer (one with engine pre-heating and a 2nd one as a engine-independent air heating system)
– water tank behind the bumper
– awning at the roof rack
– and lots of more small details

Anyway, I already have bought the wooden for the drawer system. And sure, the 3D-plan on the computer is ready to implement also. But unfortunately, that’s all…